Dangerous Waters
Dangerous Waters
Dangerous Waters
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Dangerous Waters
Dangerous Waters
Dangerous Waters

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Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters is a naval simulation allowing you to take control of submarines, boats, planes and choppers.

In Dangerous Waters, you can play with the fleet from different countries: USA, Russia, rebels or China. In the campaign mode, you will travel through different seas worldwide. During your adventures, you will be able to form alliances with other countries, that will change depending of your choices in game. Take place behind your station and don't forget parameters and options such as wind or steam... to achieve your missions!

Dangerous Waters is a must have for all fans of simulation and naval combat!

> Over 270 meticulously researched and modeled surface, submarine and air units.

> Cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer included!

> An accomplished naval war simulation: detailed depictions of each controllable units crew-stations in a realistic environment.

> An impressive lifetime, with a campaign mode, a mission builder and a multiplayer mode.

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Graphic card: 3D
  • RAM: 256 Mb
  • Hard drive: 1 GB
Everyone (7+)

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Dangerous Waters

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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