Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2
Sudden Strike 2

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Sudden Strike 2

Following Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike 2 is a World War strategy game.

Command German, Russian, English, American and even Japanese troops on battlefields all over the world. Whether you face the computer AI in 5 campaigns or fight against human generals worldwide in the completely overhauled multiplayer mode... the war is far from over!

• 5 playable nations: Germans, Russians, English, Americans and Japanese
• More than 50 missions in 5 campaigns or separate scenarios
• Increased degree of realism: completely overhauled unit values
• More than 50 new units
• Fight battles in three difficulty levels
• Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers
• Supplies and additional fire power provided by controllable railways
• Each motorized unit possesses a separately controllable crew and can be captured
• Weather system: March troops through rain and snow
• Reworked multiplayer system & GameSpy support
• Extended, user-friendly editor provides an endless supply of professional maps and missions
• Campaigns set in summer & winter landscapes
• Destructible bridges, houses, fortifications, trees and other objects

  • RAM: 64MB RAM
  • Download Size: 500MB free disk space
Teen (12+)

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Sudden Strike 2

500MB free disk space
Windows XP, Windows Vista
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